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Oh man, what a great feeling to be an adult drinking adult beverages. I am always confused over the differnce between “whisky” and “whiskey.” Lately I have been carrying a flask of Green Spot whiskey (with an e) and let me tell you, it’s fantastic. A friend of mine (I hope she will consider me a friend) is a professional alcohol expert. She knows a LOT about booze. Well recently while we were out to dinner, she recommended the Green Spot single pot still Irish whiskey and I got it on my way home from Connecticut in the New Hampshire liquor store right off of I-95. How great is that to have a liquor store on the highway? They even have their own exit ramp specifically to funnel you into the liquor store. We’re living in amazing and excellent times.

Tonight, our friends down the street invited us to come sit by the patio fireplace and I took some reasonable sips from my flask of “the Creature” and it was brilliant. It’s almost indescribable how smooth it is. You have to trust me and seek this out and try it. You will be hooked. There is another version of it called Yellow Spot, but that is just plain too expensive for a tight-wad like me.

Well, I am writing this drunk so I am losing my interest and ability to stay away much longer.