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With all of the buzz about Twitter freeing up for freedom of speech, I was considering looking into cross-posting so that things I wrote in Twitter would automatically populate Facebook and Instagram. I was almost all the way with getting this set up when I took a pause. Am I just being narcissistic? Would anyone else care?

I always think that someone somewhere is interested in what I write but who knows? It usually takes a trigger to make me want to write something and increasingly this is hypocrisy or hubris of others (not my hubris of course).

Today for example at lunch I listened to Hillary Clinton’s eulogy of Madeline Albright and I don’t know if it is my extreme dislike for her or if I am correct in feeling that she took this opportunity to make it about herself and her condescending attitude about anyone other than herself. Someone needs to remind her that she is a perennial loser in most of the elections she has entered and therefore she might want to be more introspective.

I really hope that Twitter will expose the “algorithms” they use to enforce their woke positions. That will let us know how much we have been manipulated over the years (full transparency, I have had a twitter account since if first reared it’s first “Hello World”).

Live long and prosper.